From start to finish it can take anywhere from a year to several to finalise your claim. Waiting for your injuries to ‘stabilise’ or ‘level out’ is usually the longest part. Working closely with a team who understands the challenges you are facing, the emotional toll, uncertainty and financial pressure is crucial to guiding you through the legal process and handing you back a sense of control.



We maintain our focus by specialising one area of law and managing smaller case loads



Using the latest technology enables us to spend less time on paperwork and more time with you



The best outcomes are achieved when we truly know your story, that’s why we invest in more face to face contact

Work With The Best.

We pride ourselves on the way we treat our clients. First and foremost we are here to help others, and we believe the best way to do this is through open, honest and real communication.

Over the last decade we have consistently succeeded in delivering significant monetary settlements for our clients, however we pride ourselves even more on our ability to help you get on with your life in a fresh and positive way.

Michael Andersen

Legal Practitioner Director

Member: Queensland Law Society
Member: Australian Lawyers Alliance

From early days of freestyle wrestling and powerlifting, through to years of experience in the leading law firms of Queensland, I have developed the determination, tenacity and understanding that it takes to help others through difficult times.

My first foray into law was the infamous Dr Patel (aka ‘Dr Death’) medical negligence case from Bundaberg. Dealing with raw emotions on the one hand and the science of who is to blame and why on the other sparked a fascination and interest in the world of compensation law.

From that class action I joined the leading specialist personal injury law firm in Queensland, Trilby Misso Lawyers, it was here that I refined my skill and knowledge in the area of Motor Vehicle accident law before merging with the publicly listed international law firm Slater & Gordon Lawyers.

I worked as a senior solicitor on the most complex matters where fault was denied, where people had long complicated medical histories, where complete defences were raised, all the time giving careful and considered attention to detail. I helped everyday people get compensation that ranged from ‘thousands’ all the way up to ‘millions’ for the catastrophically injured.

It’s through this varied experience that I also developed the desire to create my own practice, where I could put a strong focus on the people I’m helping – with the emphasise being on education, understanding and communication to hand back control and a sense of direction and order.

I understand that we all face significant challenges in life, and I also know the best way to get through these challenges is with support, know-how and the right attitude. With simple, easy to understand advice that is relevant, timely and helpful even the darkest of days can have a shard of light.

I look forward to working with you and discovering how we can help.

Hey, let’s talk

Understanding your rights and responsibilities under the law can be difficult and overwhelming. The best way to assess your situation is to speak directly to one of our team members.

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