How Maelstrom Lawyers Is Changing No Win No Fee

When it was introduced “no win no fee” was ground breaking, earth shattering and revolutionary. For the first time lawyers were accessible to absolutely anybody and everybody and the best part was if the lawyer wasn’t successful there was no legal bill at the end of the day.

In the early stages it was only the pioneering law firms that offered “contignency client agreements” (ie No Win No Fee)┬ábut these days its the norm.

The next step forward was the cost protection, in cases where you legal bill was greater than the amount of money you were actually going to receive the law firm was mandated to reduce its legal bill down to 50% of the balance after refunds and disbursements had been paid.

It came to be known as the “50:50 Rule”.

At Maelstrom Lawyers we do things a little differently:

  1. We do not charge a 25% uplift fee on minor claims; and
  2. We adopt a 60:40 rule


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