Experience tells us that the best results come from the most vivid details and the more colour and depth we can provide the better we present your story. Valuing the impact an injury has on a person’s life is not a task to take lightly. Regular and meaningful communication is the only way to ensure this happens. As a result you remain at the forefront of what is happening which ensures you maintain a strong sense of control.

When everything is added together the result is a seamless transition from start to finish.

The Personal Injury Process

We know that not every claim follows the same strict order but as a general rule of thumb this is what you can expect to happen with your claim (for non-worker’s compensation claims).

  • Seek Medical Attention

    Its really important to see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident and tell them what happened and what you injured.

    Make sure you speak to your General Practiction (GP) or go to Hospital.

  • Report the Accident

    Be sure to report your accident and get the name and telephone number of any witnesses.

    Not sure who to report to? We are happy to help, just ask!

  • We Notify the Insurer

    Its important to seek legal advice when reporting your incident to the opposing side. We can complete the necessary forms and make sure the information is complete and accurate.

    Not sure which forms to complete or how to complete them? We are happy to help, just ask!

  • Timing

    Different rules apply for when you must notify the insurer about your accident. It can get a little confusing.

    The best thing to do is seek legal advice as quickly as possible after an accident to see whether you have any rights to compensation.

    If you have left it a while, you may still have rights to a claim but don’t delay things any further.

    Call a lawyer and ask for help.

  • Start Rehabilitation

    If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident you may be entitled to insurer funded rehabilitation.

    Not sure what information you need or who to give it to? No problem, we can help!

    If your injury was not caused in a motor vehicle accident or not at work you will not be entitled to insurer funded rehabilitation.

  • We Investigate the Details

    It’s important to work out how you got injured. It affects how much of your compensation you receive. That’s why you want a lawyer experienced in reconstructing accidents and determining who is to blame.

    Its a tricky but important process and one which we enjoy doing!

  • Your Injuries are Independently Assessed

    Having your injuries assessed by the most suitably qualified specialist, with all the necessary information and questions that are relevant to your claim is critically important.

    Small details make a big difference when it comes to ensuring your expert understands your injuries well.

  • We Value Your Claim

    Valuing a claim is much much more than calculating lost wages, pooling receipts for out of pocket expenses together, getting statements from various people, working out future expenses etc etc.

    Its about the quality of information gathered and making sure a clear, pragmatic, evidence-based, real world solution which just makes sense is put forward to the insurer.

  • We Start Negotiations

    By now we are ready to talk to the insurer about resolving your claim.

    The better the information gathered, the more clear the picture, the more sensible and realistic the legal argument, the more likely your matter is to resolve at this stage.

  • Trial

    Sometimes we can’t agree with the insurer. And that’s normal (but rare). The decision to go to trial or not is completely up to you.

    We will be happy either way, because we will prepare your matter for trial from the beginning.

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Understanding your rights and responsibilities under the law can be difficult and overwhelming. The best way to assess your situation is to speak directly to one of our team members.

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