The Story behind Maelstrom

The Story behind Maelstrom – The Symbol

In 1892 a devastating typhoon struck Japan destroying more than 42,000 homes and killing more than 300 people. The typhoon was so powerful that its forces were felt as far south as Manila, Philippines. My great grandfather, Christian Andersen, a Norwegian sailor, recounts sailing safely through that typhoon.

This is direct quote from his diary:

I was asked if I was prepared to take command of the “Alexandra” and proceed to Manila…

About a week out we ran into a typhoon or the tail end of one. The vessel laboured heavily in the tremendous sea; it rolled and sprang a leak. As we were practically under bare poles acting on a rapidly falling glass, we did not lose any sails or rigging, but we had a very bad night of it.

In the morning the wind was down to a moderate gale and it improved hourly. As the water had crept into the sand ballast it was spread through the hold. This was very serious as it had choked the pumps and it took a good deal of time to clear them sufficiently to get the water out. We did manage to pump her out during the day but she was making water freely and had to be pumped day and night.

Luckily, we had fine weather for the remainder of the voyage and after one or two rather narrow escapes from leaving her on one of the many reefs that we passed, we anchored in Manila Bay.

That was in the year of 1892.

We might have been justified in abandoning ship, but we stuck it out.


The Story behind Maelstrom – The Philosophy

Today Maelstrom Lawyers approaches seemingly impossible situations with the same veracity as its forefathers with confidence and certainty borne from facing difficult life challenges and not taking a backward step. As a former Australian Institute of Sport Freestyle Wrestler and a former World Championship Powerlifter and Australian Open Powerlifting record holder Michael Andersen is not afraid to enter into battle with the insurance companies but he is also pragmatic and sensible enough to realise that not every claim needs a fight.

You can be confident that if you choose Michael to look after your needs it will be a thorough, well planned and well executed result.

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